Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Robert John Meehan 2016 Collection

The Robert John Meehan 2016 Collection

 Undoubtedly, if you are involved in education, you have  come across a plethora of Robert John Meehan poems, quotes, memes or sayings. His depth of experience as an inner-city teacher for a period covering more than four decades is deeply embodied in his elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, poetry and autobiographical reflections: 

Robert John Meehan's position of respect by his peers in the teaching profession is unmatched by any of today's educational expositors. His understanding and compassion for the teaching profession has established Robert John Meehan as one of the  leading  inspirational voices for teachers and educators worldwide. 

  Literally thousands of posters displaying his mantras have been published worldwide without cost to those who share his wisdom. Robert John Meehan, as is evident by the tens of thousands of reproductions of his elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, poetry and autobiographical reflections reproduced worldwide, is recognized as one of the nation's most read  and shared public school allies. 

 Much has been said about the difficulties involved teaching in the inner-city schools, but little has been done to share the emotions of both teacher and student as Robert John Meehan has. He has done much in the area of encouraging others to share their feelings about what can and should be done in today's classrooms.  

  Robert John Meehan's career expanded over four decades of teaching in some of our most difficult urban classroom environments. Robert John Meehan's gift of bringing the focus of the  public to a deeper understanding of both the rigors and compassion found in today's classroom is unmatched among others in his profession.  

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

LD Unexplained To Me - Robert John Meehan

LD Unexplained To Me

Robert John Meehan

i have a disability
his name is LD
i think he lives
deep inside of me

my mom sometimes cries
she's afraid you see
i think she thinks
she'll catch it from me

i go to the doctor
down neath the stairs
she comes to get me
while my whole class stares

she's fixing my progress
without shots or pills
i hope poor progress
ain't a disease that kills

i don't feel a hurt
but i'm a little scared though
can i be like the others
or will my LD soon show

will there be spots
or pox or an itchy rash
or will my body just melt
into a pile of trash

i don't want LD
its scary to me
what can i do
to rid it from me

my teacher is nicer
and kinder to me
cause she's moved
her desk closer to me

i know just why
she did this for me
we were nicer and kinder
to aunt rose before she died...you see

will i have to get shots
and amputations too
or will i be in much pain
before all this is through

when the whispering stops
will someone just say
let's bow our heads
for this poor boy we pray

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