Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Never be satisfied with how much you can instill in a student...


"Teachers embrace accountability when it comes with the equivalent authority in decision-making." Robert John Meehan

"The reason the ed reformers keep going at the teacher is that the real issues affecting education are too expensive and too daunting." Robert John Meehan

"Although we may not have much control over the culture outside our walls, we can set expectations that uphold a higher standard." Robert John Meehan

"When 50% of teachers leave within the first five years, it is clear that the principle solution does not lie in training more teachers." Robert John Meehan

"Never be satisfied with how much you can instill in a student: it all pales in comparison to the futures they face." Robert John Meehan

"An effective teacher is still the single most important school factor in a high-quality education." Robert John Meehan

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