Friday, October 11, 2013

We didn't go into teaching to get rich, but to enrich others...

"Teachers must create an environment for students where their past failures are irrelevant to the learning occurring in their classrooms." Robert John Meehan

"We didn't go into teaching to get rich, but to enrich others." Robert John Meehan

"As teachers we must adjust to the ever changing political educational mandates but still hold to the unchanging principles that every child can and will succeed."- Robert John Meehan

"Too many students don’t know what success feels like, thus repeated  failure is no longer scary or painful, it’s become the norm. Help create a new norm." Robert John Meehan

"I'm willing to wager that not one of our students' dreams include being proficient on a standardized test." Robert John Meehan

"Seldom will you find a person happy with their successes in life but who can't name a teacher that inspired them along the way." Robert John Meehan

"Why else would a teacher take a crappy salary, really long hours and enduring stress to teach children unless they really loved to do it?" Robert John Meehan 

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