Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Twenty years from now, your name may be forgotten...

"Twenty years from now, your name may be forgotten...but the world will be a better place because you made a difference as a teacher." Robert John Meehan

"A quality education requires hard work, A student may need to "crack the books" at night instead to hanging out at the mall or watching TV." Robert John Meehan

"It's tragic that we are mandated to turn so many eager young learners into frustrated test performers." Robert John Meehan

"Children are accustomed to a world that often moves faster and is often more exciting than anything a teacher in front of a classroom can do." Robert John Meehan

"The teacher who exhibits exemplary practices in an affluent suburban community may be a miserable failure in a poor urban community." Robert John Meehan

"Culturally relevant teaching content is essential to engaging today's young people in the urban classroom." Robert John Meehan

"Take away art, music and sports and you take away the one hook for many students that keeps them motivated and involved." Robert John Meehan

"All teachers who have had consistent success in the classroom understand that it is not enough merely to dispense information." Robert John Meehan

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