Friday, April 25, 2014

I Am Defiance


I Am Defiance

Robert John Meehan

You heard my voice
Long into the night

You felt my presence
As your dreams took flight

You tossed and turned
As I embattled your night

And as I made you squirm
Throughout this disquieted night

Your mind grew weary
As I demanded with spite

That in all your dreams
I belonged this night

I haunted your dreams
As you cursed the night

From dusk to dawn
Not a moment's respite

Your thoughts soon turned
To the morning's first light

Knowing again this morning
Your patience I'll fight

You sensed my wrath
You knew your doom

Another day's energy
Will be mine too soon

Your hopes, desires
And lessons planned

All soon will fade
At my every demand

The floor is all swept
The desks are all kept

The classroom is lit
They know where to sit

The bell has now rung
For all you to greet

All one
Are found in their seat


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