Friday, November 14, 2014

Authentic student achievement cannot be measured by test scores alone...

"Solving the problems in education are actually simple. All we need is a dedicated society, knowledgeable politicians and excellent teachers." Robert John Meehan

"Teaching to the test is sucking the joy and flexibility out of learning, all in the name of helping kids to read and write." Robert John Meehan

"Remember the current political climate is not a reflection of YOUR self worth. You can prosper as a teacher every day and in every way." Robert John Meehan

"Authentic student achievement cannot be measured just by test scores but also by the small day to day moments of each student's individual triumphs." Robert John Meehan

"Education by itself is meaningless – education only takes meaning in the context of our decision on how we are going to apply it." Robert John Meehan

"We all need to go into the classroom believing our students can and will meet and often exceed our expectations." Robert John Meehan


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