Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Classroom Sanctuary...Still relevant 23 years after it was first published.

I went home one evening
after school and penned this
to best reflect my morning
At IPS Riverside School #44
I will not forget

Our Classroom Sanctuary

Robert John Meehan

In the stillness of the moment
Our eyes quietly meet
A nod from me affirming
Good behavior in their seat

Latisha and Amanda
Quietly working at their task
While Frederick and Latonya
File up for questions yet to ask

Robert and Desmond
With counselor soon to meet
As Brian and Krishna
Resist playing footsie with their feet

In the solitude of the morning
My class is all on task
A smile from me accepting
There'll be time for questions yet to ask

I can hear Michael sighing
As yesterday's homework's done
While noticing all the while
That Sara has just begun

With pencil to the paper
A whispering sound I hear
As Clarissa and Latonya
To Rhonda lend an ear

Nikki and Lakisha
This quiet moment to invest
Both silently preparing
Knowing tomorrow brings a test

Brandon and Malinda
Their attention never waning
Even Tyrone and Kevin
New knowledge are obtaining

While Anthony intently studies
The biography of Dr. King
Jackie is yet perceiving
Her book's new wonders soon to spring

Nodding and affirming
My smile fans the class
Not a sound unconfirming
That they're mindful of their task

Interrupts our private life
As little bodies scramble
To the gun fire's ambient strife

Glass shattering around them
Each immediate sanctuary sought
As frightened eyes seek out mine
Wondering what of THIS we wrought

Not just another drive-by
But the unveiling of a not so innocent truth
Not just another drive-by

But a VILE invasion of our precious youth

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  1. My professor shared this in one of my teacher prep classes several years ago. I will always remember the discussion that followed.