Friday, January 10, 2014


By Robert John Meehan

An inveigled law impossible to define
Or a ratiocination barring sensations sublime
Now be it a resolution
Benumbing meaningful hugs
While our reassuring arms are brazenly shackled
As if we were thugs
No longer a caring a closeness
Dare be perceived
Nor a lasting acceptance possibly believed
A new forbiddance of sharing souls
Now mandated by the court
By a purblind law demanding
Denying hugs now be tort
Thus relegating a closeness a bonding forbiddingly conceived
Dare a bad touch to a child be mistakenly perceived
Henceforth a comforting shield from unannounced harm
Is now regulated by law... to a securing glance
Or meaningless words of charm
Now be it... a warm welcoming smile dissolves undiscovered
With only chance eye contact diminishing hope it's discovered
No longer a child shall a teacher's caring soul to greet
Nor the disclosure of our soul's selflessness without sharing hugs when we meet
A law regulating human hugs
They would deceivingly bestow
A hug at arm's length...
Is no way to greet a child we know

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