Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pursue confidently your dreams of being a teacher...

"Be diligent in trusting that what we do in the classroom could possibly echo for a lifetime in the heart of a student." Robert John Meehan

"Pursue confidently your dreams of being a teacher. Teach each day as you once imagined you would. Don't let today's obstacles keep you from yesterday's dreams." Robert John Meehan

"Mediocre teachers tend to talk mostly about teaching. Exemplary teachers talk almost exclusively about learning." Robert John Meehan

"Too many students don’t know what success feels like, thus repeated failure is no longer scary or painful, it’s become the norm. Help create a new norm." Robert John Meehan

"If we really want to improve our education system, we need to listen to educators not businessmen who want to sell something as a magic bullet." Robert John Meehan
"Exemplary teachers are not gifted; they are just more prepared and more willing to do what it takes. They conscientiously succeed on purpose."  Robert John Meehan
"The sequester caused flight delays and Congress fixed that within a week. They slash $3 billion from education and Congress goes on recess?" Robert John Meehan

"The quality of an exemplary teacher is demonstrated by their willingness to set and maintain the highest standards for themselves and students." Robert John Meehan

We should all be asking our children on a daily basis "What did you ask at school today?" Robert John Meehan

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